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will provide. the municipalities say they are confused and frustrated. >> this is a city in the prefecture lying within 30 kilometers of the nuclear power plant. that means none of its 27 evacuation centers would be usable in the event after nuclear accident. >> translator: the centers will be useless under the 30-kilometer rule. >> under the guidelines the city has to find evacuations outside the city for all 90,000 residents. other problems have surfaced. the city needs to map out evacuation routes and make detailed plans to relocate the city office and protect civilians from radiation. however, the nra has not provided criteria for evacuation or measures to prevent radiation exposure. iodine tablets to prevent thyroid damage remain on the shelves at schools and the city office. the pills can cause serious side effects so they have to be distributed with care but the nra has yet to provide instructions how to use them. >> translator: we want to know when to evacuate people. but the criteria for this and other measures are still unclear. the national government appears undecided. >> repor
in syria are doing what they can to hp the wound aftern attack in the city of aleppo. at least three powerful explosions ripped through the center of the commercial capital. they killed more than 30 people. state run tv reports explosions occurred near an officer's club in the northern city. opposition forces are claiming responsibility. they say they used the car bombings to target officers and militias loyal to president bashar al assad. the free syrian army renewed its offensive last week in an effort to win control of aleppo. government forces responded with air strikes. a free syrian army said they mobilized 30,000 troops and 2,000 tanks for the battle. rebel fighters plan to carry out more simultaneous bombing attacks on the military. >>> plummeting value of iran's currency has triggered rare street clashes in the capital tehran. the protests jai alai growing public frustration with the government. scores of protesters clashed with riot police in the city's main bazaar on wednesday. they demanded the government stop the rial's plunge. it lost 70% of the value in the last year s
an attack in the city of aleppo. at least three powerful explosions ripped through the center of the capital that killed more than 30 people. state-run tv reports the explosions occurred near an officers' club in the northern city. opposition forces are claiming responsibility and say they use the car bombings to target the officials loyal to president bashar al-assad. they renewed it last week to gain control with aleppo. a free syrian army spokesperson says the assad regime mobilized 30,000 troops and 2,000 tanks for the battle. he says rebel fighters plan to carry out simultaneous bombing attacks on the military. >>> citizens upset by iran's plummeting currency have taken to the streets of the capital tehran. their protests highlight their growing frustration with the government. protesters fought with riot police in the city's main bazaar. they were demanding the government stop the fall of the rial. demonstrators staged another protest in a different area of the city. iran's currency has lost 70% of the value in the past year and hit record lows against the dollar. u.s. and european san
in the heart of the city since 1976 rising 124 meters high, it is a local landmark. soon, though, it is going to stanld out for another reason. from january ivy and other greenery will slowly start to cover the walls until it reaches the very top. >> translator: it will be great to see so much green in a major city like this. >> translator: when it is completed, it will be one of the city's landmarks. >> the project is the brain child of leading architect undo born and raised in osaka. >> translator: i think seeing greenery will make a powerful impact. >> instead of just designing new buildings he has a bigger vision for the environment. he has begun several projects to bring more greenery into osaka. this riverside area has been turned into a popular spot for cherry blossom viewing. since 2004 ando has raised some $6.4 million to make this project a reality. he strongly believes osaka needs more flowers and green spaces. >> there is no greenery. it is dirty. there are homeless people everywhere. there are few jobs. that is the perception of osaka. i want to improve its image. >> for the past
to cut the cost down. the city of donguan in the coastal region is home to factories making clothes for overseas markets. surprisingly, a business is booming in this town. rows and rows of sewing machines are on sale at the second-hand machinery store. they came from nearby clothing factories. clothes makers are going bankrupt in increasing numbers amid exports stemming from europe's debt crisis. >> translator: so many firms are going under. that's why we're getting so many of these second-hand sewing machines. >> translator: some 25,000 companies are trying to promote exports at this trade fair but the european crisis is casting a dark shadow. this company makes lights for large four-wheel drive vehicles. exports accounted for 95% of the products last year but they have been showing a significant decline. >> translator: we are seeing a particularly sharp drop in east europe from the way orders are falling our exports in the future are going to show a precipitous decline. >> reporter: and now there is another reason for worry. since last month the relations between japan and china h
like it. >> we expected an unprecedented storm impact here in new york city. that's what we got. so while the worst of the storm is passed conditions are still dangerous. i just can't stress that enough. >> a power station in manhattan exploded. power was knocked out to much of the burough. city officials say it will take one week to restore power as well as the walteter, rail and other services. 2 million households across new york state are still without electricity. the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says workers are alerted at the nuclear power plant on the new jersey coast. officials were concerned about high water levels. three other nuclear mranlplants new jersey and new york were shut down because of high water and damage to the electrical grid. new yorkers found their streets, businesses, and homes flooded. they spent the day trying to dry out. >> the streets of downtown manhattan are eerily quiet and dark. the usual jostling of traffic and pedestrians is greatly reduced. most businesses remain closed and workers are staying home. on 57th street a giant construction cra
and the city is blessed with social resources. >> he added it could be difficult for the factory to keep producing medical equipment if it remained. >>peoplen japaare focused on overcoming the disaster of 2011. they have to rebuild homes and communities. we'll show you their struggles and successes every wednesday at 1:00 p.m. >>> germans are on a mission to make their country neuuclear fr. they lead the world in solar power generation. they also rely on wind. germany's investing heavily in offshore wind farms that can yield four times as much power as land base sources. now it's trying to figure out the next step. >> reporter: by 2020 the country aims to have 2,000 of these wind mills in the north sea and baltic sea. the north port sea is home to have the latest wind power research. now that offshore wind has become viable commercially, researchers in companies from all over the world are coming here to find out more. >> the idea of the floating technology is to be independent some three types would be suitable for installations and in the chinese sea or around japan. >> reporter: it's
city of homs say the li, kiinfo pplavfiti w ao poed t nte reports from daraa province in troops opened fire to disperse attempts by the rebels to attack or expand areas under their control. >>> in northern afghanistan, a suicide bomber targeted a mosque as people celebrated the eid al adhahoda th eloonilled at least 36 people and wounded many others. poceay a m detonated the explosives friday outside a mos income maymana.tnsesathatck w wearing a lice unifo. no one has claimed responsibility. afghan security forces are trying to stem the violence. they're looking to take control with the withdrawal of troops by the end of 2014. >>> a new opinion pl sges mitt romney has topped among 50% with voters. it's the first time he hit that pollsters for abc news and "the washington post" surveyed about 1,400 likely voters from sunday through wednesday. 50% of respondents said they wod teor romney, 47% for present barack obama. the pollsters asked who would better manage the economy. 52% said romney. 43sa oma the election is decided by the number of electoral votes allotted to each state. there ar
festival is in full swing in south korea's second largest city. organizers aim to lead the region's film industry and the event is to be getting more popular every year. nhk world's annajong reports. >> reporter: come and see a movie in bustling britan. i'm outside a venue for the busan film festival where dozens of screens are lighting up every day. the red carpet event that opened last week attracts more than 150,000 film fans to plunge into movies, or lounge on the beach. in the 17 years since it started, busan has grown into the major stop on the world film circuit. and this is the main events space. the busan cinema center. it's a $115 billion complex commissioned by korean government officials after they spotted busan's potential to be asia's film hub. 37 theaters, including this one, will screen 304 films from 75 different countries and regions. the unique thing about busan is its focus on asian films. the organize ers' ambition is to take those movies to the world. the festival opened with a bang on october 4th. a lot of korean movie stars and asian stars were seen on the red car
. the accident forced thousands to flee the towns and cities around the nuclear plant. some foreign residents in the northeast ended up leaving japan but many have returned to the places they once called home. nhk world tracks one woman's journey. >> bear. brown bear. >> sarah jones is from texas. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. >> reporter: she's teaching english at elementary and junior high schools. >> reporter: she was first drawn to japan by its natural beauty and culture. last year she was in the teachers' room at her high school when she felt the most intense earthquake she'd ever experienced. she left the school and went home. sarah speaks some japanese. but she couldn't make out the insistent announcements on the tv. she looked up a word and found it meant "evacuation." she's close to the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant, and residents were being ordered to flee. she took shelter at an elementary school more than 60 kilometers from town. >> i evacuated with people. i was the only foreigner here. and no one spoke english. so it's a little lonely, i think. >> reporter: in he
and baltic sea. the north seaport city is home to the latest wind power research. now that offshore wind has become viable. researchers and companies from all over the world are coming here to find out more. >> the idea of the floating technology is to be independent of water demt. three times are suitable for installations for example in the chinese sea or around japan. >> bremerhofen has been a ship building city for two centuries. now it's a major hub for offshore wind technology. in 2002, with ship building in decline, the city decided to switch focus to wind power. investors have spent 500 million euros developing wind power around germany's north sea coast. the wind farms and related businesses have created jobs and are now the town's core industry. the technology is progressing but the challenge remains, how to store the electricity. once solution is hydrogen. germany is focusing on hydrogen as an alternative to petroleum, using electricity water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. that gives a clean, renewable energy source with no carbon dioxide emissions. last year germany became th
in the city of durbin stopped its production lines last week. workers at the company's car seat factory are demanding a wage hike. toyota supplies the seats. its officials are in talks with the local labor union but say they aren't sure when output can resume. this is not the first time it was forced to close. it was shuttered for several days earlier this month when its own workers staged a strike. labor issues in emerging economies continue to pose a challenge to japanese makers with overseas operations. >>> bank of japan officials are struggling with whether to ease credit further amid the global economic slowdown. the question will be high on their agenda at next tuesday's policy meeting. central bank officials are suspecting existing programs aren't enough to achieve their goal of 1% inflation by march 2015. the target is to tackle deflation and achieve stable growth. in a branch managers meeting on monday officials confirmed domestic economic activity is on the decline. they agree the slowdown in china and other economies are weighing down on japan's production in exports. they al
in the northern city of aleppo told nhk that government planes continued using cluster bombs even after the claims were made. cluster bombs scatter hundreds of smaller bombs. they can kill people long after conflicts end. more than 100 governments have signed a treaty banning their use. syrian leaders have not signed the agreement. >>> a pakistani girl shot by the taliban arrived in britain for medical care. doctors in pakistan have been treating malala yousafzai since she was attacked last week. government officials say she needs long-term care abroad. the pakistani government offered to pay for yousafzai's transport and treatment. doctors flew with her in an air ambulance provided by the united arab emirates. yousafzai is 14 years old. she wrote a blog advocating girls' education. that angered some fundamentalists. gunmen boarded her school bus in northwestern pakistan last tuesday and shot her in the head. the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility. the shooting sparked an outpouring of condemnation across the country and abroad. police have arrested several suspects in connection with th
projects have created an economic boom in a city, and incomes are rising. so one japanese firm is hoping residents will spend some of their cash on something they can't get. fresh imported sushi ingredients. this shopping mall is located in the largest city. in late september, sushi was put on the shelves. it was made with fresh fish, imported for the first time directly from a region of japan. >> translator: i love sushi. tuna and yellow tail are popular sushi ingredients. but these fishes are not found in the the region's coastal waters. this caught the attention of a food company that has been running the supermarket for russian customers in wakkanai for 15 years. the president of the company exported the fishes not found in the waters off sakhalin on a trial basis. >> translator: we ship them from wakai. we thought we could keep them fresh if we used a direct ferry service between wakanai and sakhalin. >> usually imported sushi ingredient are sent to sakhalin through moscow but this takes about three months and it is often difficult to keep them fresh. he spotted a business opportuni
has been transported to hospital in the city. at first he closes himself off to the japanese, but tender care from a japanese nurse has his resolve. eventually the two fall in love. the idea for the musical was hatched after a russian gold coin that is more than 100 years old was discovered. the coin was found on the grounds of a hospital where russian prisoners of war were treated. engraved on the coin are the names of a japanese woman and a russian man. research proved these people existed. the woman was a japanese nurse. the man a soldier from russia. the coin appears to be a piece of love between the two. the japanese set of prisoner of war camps during the war. some inmates were free to sickle in the city and bathe in local hot springs because of the locals kind treatment, the prisoners flourished. the actor who plays nicolai visits a russian cemetery before sitting out for moscow. >> translator: the people who are resting here wanted to return to their homeland but could not. they must have felt very sad. i came here to tell them that we would help fulfill their yearnin
students and a former were buried alive. the city was struck by an earthquake last month that killed more than 80 people. the quake may have loosened the ground where the land slide occurred. china is currently in the middle of an eight day holiday period that began with national foundation day. the elementary school stayed open to make up for days missed after the quake. >>> the international group of hackers has leaked some 120,000 bits of university it claims was stolen from universities. the hacker claims it broke into the systems at 100 major universities and posted personal information on a website. the data stolen from the university of tokyo may contain e-mail of staff members. they school admits it's found indications of outside intrusion sp into its system and says some e-mail arsddresses were leaked. >>> it has been bringing some heavy rain down for the last several days as it's lingered here. it's looking like lit be heading into an easterly direction toward vietnam where it's expected to make landfall. it's moving very slowly at the moment. the winds are at 72 kilometers an h
help revive the spirit of a city with a rich jazz history. fast forward six years to march 2011. this time musicians in japan's northeast are struck by disaster. the tsunam pummelled the port and taking away the instruments of the city jazz band. they swing dolphins couldn't swing anymore. a month after the disaster the dolphins were back on stage and playing new instruments most of them donated thanks to the efforts of jazz musicians in new orleans. the o. perry walker high school band never forgot the help they received after katrina. they organized congress serts to raise money for their japanese friends. >> i was in the sam predicament five, six years ago and it gives us the opportunity to help them like they helped us. >> many of us lost our instruments. we were able to play again. i was so excited. >> reporter: these young people relate to one another through music and through the experience they've had dealing with the disaster. >> translator: if we didn't have music, i don't think we could have overcome the disaster. i'm glad i had music in my life. >> translator: there
,000 new yorkers who live close to the water have already left. city officials have shut down the transit system. businesses and shops have closed. workers are piling up sand bags in front of subway entrances and buildings. >> it's vr important. this is the stop the water from gog into the subway. >> irene last year didn't look like this after it hit. >> they expect the storm will pound a wide area for several days. >> sandy has interacted with cold air from the north and it's become a post tropical cyclone. it's not a tropical cyclone anymore but the field of heavy rain and strong winds are expanding and things will get even worse bause the center of a former hurricane sandy is expected to move into the new jersey coast. extremely dangerous storm surge combined with high tide could cause flooding. that's why hundreds of thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate. it's going to move through pennsylvania into new york city. rain will spread as much as 2000 millimeters with 300 millimeters possibly into wednesday. temperatures are on the chilly side. look at this only 8 degrees in wa
taking a closer look. nhk world's hideki yui reports from islamabad. >> reporter: sialkot is a city in eastern pakistan. a factory, 150 men make uniforms for judo and karate. they work for japanese company that moved its production base here in july from china. >> translator: we are starting to receive orders from companies in europe as well as japan. because of rising costs in china. >> pakistan's population is set to keep growing for the foreseeable future. more and more japanese companies see it as the promising market. they have formed a joint venture with a local firm. their new factory began operations this month. the plant will manufacture steel sheets used inutomobiles and elecic appliances. >> translator: this is a huge market of 180 million people. but per capita steel consumption is just 38 kilograms. we can expect the use of steel to grow sharply as people buy more cars, motorbikes and appliances. >> reporter: the biggest obstacle to doing business in pakistan is poor security. in the southern city of karachi, gun crime is ramp aant. >> in karachi, they usually take arme
of this month in the city hosting the u.s. air base. the two suspects were sysed there. okinawa city officials encourage residents to voice their concerns and anger. they say they're expecting about 1,500 participants. >>> people have responded to japan's disaster and its aftermath in many ways. media report on it. academics study it. artists base works on it. one filmmaker picked up his camera soon after last year's earthquake and tsunami and headed to the northeast. he wanted to forge ties with survivors. so he called his documentary "katawara," which means "on your side" in japanese. >> reporter: "katawara" has no narration and no dramatic story development. the camera just travels through japan's northeast and documents the aftermath of the disaster. showing people going about their daily lives, capturing the changing of the seasons. shin ichiase directed the film. he's spent decades making documentaries featuring people who face challenges. he focuses on the preciousness of human life and the importance of individuals. the march 2011 disaster was the subject he couldn't ignore. >> transla
in 1904. a russian soldier has an eye injury. he has been transported to a hospital in the city. at first he closes himself off off to the japanese. but tender care from a japanese nurse, makes his resolve. >>> eventually the two fall in love. the idea for the musical was catched after a russian gold coin that is more than 100 years old was discovered in the prefecture. the coin was found on the grounds of the hospital. where russian prisoners of war were engraved on the coin the initials of a japanese woman, and a russian man. research proves these people existed. the woman was a japanese nurse. the man, a soldier from rush yeah. the coin appears to be a pledge of love between the two. and the japanese did set up prisoner of war camps in the region during the russian/japanese war. some inmates were freed to cycle to the city and bathe in the local hot springs. because of the local kind treatment, the prisoners flourished. the actor, who plays him, viz ets -- visits a russian cemetery before heading out to moscow. >> the people who are resting here, wanted to return to their homeland. but
washington, d.c. or new york city by tuesday. regardless of the track it could certainly produce, rough seas, strong winds and some showers. along the eastern seaboard of the u.s. for the next several days. as for the continent, strong low-pressure system is located over eastern canada, producing moderate to heavy snow and heavy rain. and also, thundershowers along the cold front, and as the rain moving through, temperatures, will drop significantly, so, look at this. only 90 degrees expected in chicago. that is 15 degrees cooler than thursday. 13 degrees in oklahoma city. and threen d ein denver. still on the hot side. 30 degrees in los angeles. we have red flag warnings. for southern california. all right, moving into the philippines, and another tropical system is now moving over the south china sea. this is tropical system, expected to become a severe tropical storm within the next 24 hours. may make the second landfall in vietnam, some time between saturday afternoon into your sunday morning, local time. heavy rain, of up to 100 millimeters is likely, from tonight into saturday night. a
look. >> a city in eastern pakistan. a garment factory, 150 men make uniforms for judo and karate. they work for a japanese company that moved its production base here in july from china. >> translator: we are starting to receive orders from companies in europe as well as japan because of rising costs in china. >> pakistan's population is said to keep growing for the foreseeable future. more and more japanese companies see it as a promising market a japanese company has formed a joint venture with a local firm. their new factory began operations this month. a proud manufacture -- >> this is a huge market of 1 will 0 million people. the per capita kwon assumption is just 130 kilograms. we can expect steel to grow sharply. >> the biggest obstacle to doing business in pakistan is poor security. in the southern city of karachi, gun crime is rampant. in karachi, when japanese people go out by car. they usually take an armed security guard with them. this serves as a representative for a japanese company is one of them. he started traveling with an armed guard in june on the orders of h
city. here is the extended forecast. >>> that's all for this edition of "newsline." thanks for joining us.
city dubai and they shep daily commodities home across the parisian golf and many are going to banks to exchange the reals for dollars and some money changers have stopped accepting the currency. one trader says he will have to stop exporting to iran. a spokesperson for the iranian chamber of commerce says businesses in dubai with getting one third of previous prices. >> they are not getting any money out of iran for the goods that they are sending. they stop sending goods. therefore they have to reduce their businesses. >> he says the real's continued fall seems inevitable. >>> japan may not expand a currency swap agreement with south korea as tension mounts between the two countries. that's if south korea does not make a request. the deadline for deciding on an extension comes at the end of this month. an official of japan's finance ministry said at this point no requests for the extension of the currency arrangement has come from south korea. the two nations raised the amount from $13 billion to 70 billion last october. the deal was set to prevent a decline in south korea's curren
. >> reporter: the meeting has been dubbed the central dialog, named after one of the main cities in the northeast. more than 300 officials have come here from around the world and across japan. they include government officials, experts, and representatives of international organizations. they spent tuesday talking aut e 21 disaster and subsequent recovery efforts. >> translator: we have learned a lot from our disaster recovery efforts. i believe it is critical for us to share these lessons with people around the world. i am making that another personal mission. >> we will not be able to prevent the natural hazards that threaten people around the world, but working together we can wer the daers, prepare better, respond more quickly, lessen the cost and first and foremost make the lives of people all over the world safer. >> reporter: the panel discussions on tuesday focused on disaster preparedness in developing countries. world bank researchers compiled the reports on the lessons learned from japan's recent earthquake. they know they have woven disaster risk management into the
that devastated the city. it killed more than 300 people and injured around 1,600. the defendantublished a risk assessment six days before the earthquake. they said it was unlikely a major quake would hit the area in the near future. it convinced some people to stay in their home believing the quake was minor. some of the victims relatives cheered the verdict. >> translator: i think today's verdict was the right sentence. i want to make sure that this kind of tragedy didn't happen again. >> the defendants pleaded not they stressed the prediction was merely a best guess. >> we will appeal the verdict and prove our innocence. >> lawyers for the defense plan to appeal. > now scientists watched in concern. they said the rulings could convince them to do their job. he said it's difficult to predict seismic activity accurately. spokespersons for the american association for the advancement of science say they are worried the ruling may influence everyone who works in the field. they warn such charges could hinder society add a whole if scientists feel nervous about disclosing the results of their res
that cold air is going to be moving further toward the northeast. 28 degrees, new york city. nice warm day. saturday won't be too bad. getting down to 14 degrees sunday. be prepared for the drop. 8 degrees in denver. expected and 12 in chicago. with 3 in the forecast for winnipeg. to the south. different story. low 30s in houston, texas. go now to europe. it is going to be quite split as we head into the weekend. down toward the south. very dry. in fact, warming up toward the southeast. but it is going to be wet, windy, much cooler, across the northern half of the continent. heavy rain, across the british isles, towards the south. with the very potent low moving across -- the north thern continent. and then, for finland, down through the baltic states. another round of heavy rain. strong wind. temperatures are going to be falling as well. we head into the weekend. 14 degrees in berlin. and 16 in london. 21 in paris. going to fall down by 5 degrees into the weekend. even through, bucharest. going to warm up to 27, saturday. sunday. then dramatically fall done to 17 degrees at the start of t
iranian businesses trade through the united arab emirates. 400,000 iranians live in its largest city, dubai. they ship daily commodities home across the persian gulf. many are going to banks to exchange rials for dollars but some money exchanges in dubai stopped accepting the currency. one trader said he'll have to stop exporting to iran. a spokesperson for the iranian chamber of commerce says businesses in dubai are getting one-third of previous prices. >> they are not getting any money out of iran for the goods they are sending. they stopped sending goods. therefore, they have to reduce their businesses. >> he said the rial's continued fault seems inevitable. >>> a senkaku islands dispute. one of the newspaper's columnists suggested that china, rather than japan, has best claim over the islands in the east china sea. the rebuttal was issued by kawamura, deputy chief of mission at the consulate general in new york. he submitted a comment to the online edition of "the new york times" on tuesday. he says the senkaku islands are an inherent part of japan's territory in light of histori
Search Results 0 to 44 of about 45 (some duplicates have been removed)